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The firearm has been finished in a French Gray with black highlights. The original Colts were drilled to .44 up until the transition in the cylinder, and .36 to the bottom of the bore.The .44s could be loaded to about the same power load as the later 1873 in .45 Colt, i.e. To eject fired cases, thumb the hammer back to its half-cock notch to free the cylinder to rotate. FSP can be applied to any gun purchased at Sportsman's Warehouse or online at This distinctive design was favored by outlaw Frank James and Texas Ranger Bill McDonald. Consequently, Cimarron has partnered with the Texas Rangers Museum to create the Texas Ranger Model P, a laser-engraved, nickel plated 4 barreled single action revolver chambered in .45 Colt and made in Italy by Pietta. BTW, I read somewhere that when Wild Bill Hickok killed Dave Tutt, he did so with a .44 Dragoon revolver. He was wondering if we could make a copy of this gun for his two sons. We attribute this to the Outlaw's longer frame, under barrel web and the fact our Colt is a .45, so the holes in the barrel and Cylinder are bigger. This is a six shot, traditional western style revolver with a web under the barrel that invokes the percussion 1858 Remington Army revolver. Colt NEVER made a brass framed pistol, but the Confederacy did when steel ran low, and those pistols, as was the Whitney, a virtual copy of the 1851. Using this web site acknowledges your agreement to the. Category: Cimarron .357 MAG /.38 SP Revolvers Clear All Filters 1-24 of 36 Products Sort By: Cimarron PP340MALO2 EL Malo 2 .38SP/.357 PW FS 3.5" OCT. Birdshead WAL. The Colts were issued to Farrier Sergeants of the cavalry regiments. Packaged with the revolver is the usual literature, a Cimarron bumper sticker, warranty and return information, registration card and a Uberti instruction manual. To load cartridges, rotate the cylinder until a chamber is aligned with the loading port in the recoil shield and insert a cartridge. The cylinder has simple scrollwork and the names of the six ships on which the officer served. Survival AR-7 Rifle, Gun Review: Blaser R8 Ultimate Carbon Hunting Rifle, In Stock. FFL dealers may charge an additional processing fee, even if the sale is unable to be completed. We also had to run a BoreSnake through the cylinder chambers and the barrel to remove excess oil before we could even think about shooting our new Cimarron. There is a small, automatic hammer block (hammer bar safety) in the face of the hammer that makes it safe to carry the Outlaw with all six chambers loaded and the hammer in the quarter-cock "safety" notch. We think it looks nicer than a blued frame. The retail price of each gun is $1,818.70, and .50-95 Win. Impact Guns will send you a return shipping label for the return. One thing for sure, when we opened the cardboard Cimarron box and removed our 1875 Outlaw test gun, it was covered with oil. In fact, if you wear size-large gloves, the grip will just barely fill your hand, with none of the wood prodding beyond your palm. The firearm has had an action job for Cowboy Action Shooting and has been fired in one match. I never had the action stop because of a cap or any other reason. The Cimarron Frontier is a classic, pre-war frame 1873 single-action revolver. Any information on this? Hazzard Powder Co. of Enfield, Conn., or The firearm has been finished in a French Gray with black highlights. The pistol pictured above is a hand engraved Cimarron Model P Single Action Army, made by Uberti, in 357 Magnum. For items only available at distribution or other sources, the ship time may be up to 10 business days. Or for closer range shooting, aim along the barrel instead of using the sights. Cimarron has mirrored this rifle perfectly in its Texas Ranger Presidio Mystery 1876 Short Rifle replica, right on down to its Henry ladder rear sight (which Mike had duplicated by Marble Arms) and the misspelling of Presidio, just as it appears on the original. The color case-hardened frame on our 1875 Outlaw is extremely attractive. The grip size and angle feel a little odd when you first grab it. To answer that will require a bench rest session at the shooting range by the Guns and Shooting Online staff. Our Cimarron test gun lacks the lanyard ring and the frame is color case-hardened, which is not period correct. For the past 30 years they have worked continuously to perfect the authentic detail, fit, finish and function of the frontier, Sign up for Hinterland news, exclusive offers, sales and giveaways. I got a couple of cheap Italian bp revolvers in the late 70s when ever Kmart and meijers store had them . Navy caliber refers to .36 caliber ball preferred by the United States Navy.. An Impact Guns agent will review your request for a return and respond within two business days. Im sure they will be benefited from this website. It was basically an updated, centerfire cartridge version of the fine Model 1858. 3. To this day, there isnt much of anything short of a fully-automatic submachine gun that can get the first two rounds out faster than a Single Action Army. Good and informative comments also. However, everything I can find says that they didnt want the already available .44, or the already available .31, but liked the balance of power and light weight of the new .36. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. These original revolvers were supplied with fluted cylinders and most came with smooth, two-piece walnut grips, although checkered grips, ivory grips and pearl grips were available. This organization trains and supports volunteers to represent the best interests of abused and neglected children in the courtroom and other settings. it was nice. Far from the thundering hammer of the Walker Colt that preceded it, the Navys ballistics would have closely matched a modern .380ACP, and mirrored what would become theearly .38 Special load. Cimarron Frontier Nickel/Ivory 4.75" 45 Long Colt Revolver Action: SA/DA Caliber: .45 Colt Capacity: 6 Material: Nickel Finish: Engraved Nickel Grip: Poly Ivory Barrel Length: 4.75" Weight: 4.48 lb (4 Reviews) Rating 4 out of 5 4 Reviews. Make it a point to check that all screws are tight when you get your new gun and after use. Quantity: Add to Wish List. The shape of the front sight changed from a post to a blade as the guns evolved. The cylinder, trigger guard, trigger, barrel, barrel web and ejector housing are all highly polished and hot blued. All products need to be in new and original manufacturer condition. We charge a $15 processing fee per firearm for this service. Its getting a little ridiculous, even by my standards, which areridiculous. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Its certainly not high quality engraving. It features laser-engraving and polymer simulated ivory grips. I am a . Now, holding the revolver in your left hand, thumb the hammer slowly back with your left thumb until the bolt is retracted and the hand is as far into the frame as it goes. Ornsbys name is engraved on the Piettas cyclinder, just as it was on the original Colts. Cimarron Frontier .45 Long Colt Single-Action Revolver Engraved Nickel. This is the loading and unloading hammer position. This is a hand engraved Taylor & Company Runnin' Iron, made by Uberti, in stainless steel. Please try again later. The polish and bluing is not quite the equal of Colt Royal Blue, but it is very good. When shooting this revolver, I just had to remember to put some water-pump grease on the cylinder pin to keep the cylinder from jamming up from black powder fouling getting into that area. Although they are conceptually similar actions, the Remington action is different in detail from a Colt or Ruger. With the hammer fully cocked, the tip of the sear engages the full-cock notch. Cimarron Firearms Frontier 45 (Long) Colt 4.75in Steel Engraved Revolver - 6 Rounds - Cimarron introduces Piettas affordable and obtainable deep laser engraved revolvers. Priced at $793 each, and endorsed by the Former Texas Rangers Foundation, a portion of each Texas Ranger Model P sale is being donated by Cimarron for the development of the Texas Rangers Heritage Center. Cimarron Model P .38-40 Win Single Action Revolver 5.5" Barrel 6 Rounds Pre-War . I need to get some caps along with a flask for it. My dad wants a .44 black powder Ill consider this one if it can be found without engraving. He said that the old civil war veterans he talked to swore it was a great stopper. For the past 30 years, Cimarron has worked continuously to perfect the authentic detail, fit, finish and function of our line of frontier firearms. Buy Cimarron stainless engraves 1873 357 mag Colt Ruger Uberti: GunBroker is the largest seller of Revolvers Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 983419480. . so get this amazing Red Puffer Vest which is a favorite of all girls and it is the most-rated and most selling outfit in our store, shop now because the stock is limited. Most items that are in stock ship within 3-5 days after receipt of your returned item but may take longer depending on availability. Very few in those calibers were made. It is, of course, manufactured using modern metallurgy, so it should be stronger and more durable than an original Remington 1875. he also said the round ball stopped better than the conical bullets. Please rest assured that we will ship your item as soon as we can. The 1851 Navy would reign supreme in its use throughout most of the US, and certainly in Texas. Prior to shooting the revolver, I completely disassembled and cleaned it, as per the instructions. PP411MALO2, Cimarron Evil Roy Competition Revolver | ER4100 45 Long Colt, 4.75", Single Action, Steel Frame, Walnut Grip, Wide Sight/Rear Sight Notch Sights, Blued/Case Hardened, 6 Rds, Cimarron Evil Roy Competition Revolver | ER4103 357 Magnum, 4.75", Single Action, Steel Frame, Walnut Grip, Wide Sight/Rear Sight Notch Sights, Blued/Case Hardened, 6 Rds, Cimarron Frontier .45Lc Pw Fs 7.5 in Cc/Blued Walnut PP415, Cimarron Frontier Pre-War Revolver PP332, 45 LC, 3.5 in, Color Case Hard Finish, Fixed Sights, 6 Rd, Cimarron Frontier Pre-War Revolver PP346, 45 LC, 3.5 in, Chkd Birds Head Grip, Blue Finish, Fixed Sights, 6 Rd. Poly Ivory Grip, Frontier 4 3/4" Old Silver Frame PW Laser Eng. This purchase comes with the Impact Guns Lifetime Warranty. Im at the point where I dont want any more calibers. This is a Cimerron Birds head, made by Uberti, in a blued finish. It is also known that in 1918, long after his death, there was a raid on Nevills ranch by Mexican banditos, and everything of value was taken. An error occurred processing your request. Address105 Winding Oak Road, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. Cimarron Firearms has stepped into this void with a special run of revolvers from Uberti with the attributes of the originals. It is slightly better than our second generation Colt SAA New Frontier comparison revolver and markedly better than New Model Ruger single action revolvers. all I know is they were great cheap fun. A firmer hand and harder push down on the hammer did the trick of rotating the cylinder. Teddy Roosevelt Laser Engraved Frontier .45 Colt, 7 1/2", Gen. George S. Patton Laser Engraved Frontier .45LC, 4 3/4", Texas Ranger Laser Engraved Frontier .45LC, 4 3/4", Frontier 4 3/4" Nickel PW Laser Eng. We will not charge your credit card until your product ships, except for certain special orders. If you need faster shipment, we can ship 2nd Day or Next Day for an extra charge. The .38 Smith & Wesson Special, designed in 1898, rocked the handgun realm with its ballistic performance making it a cartridge for the history books. The history of Cimarron Firearms Company (, located in Fredericksburg, Texas, is intertwined with that of A. Uberti S.R.L. The left side of the barrel has deep relief scrollwork radiating out from the dolphin and submarine logo of submarine command. In honor of the 45 year anniversary of the magazine, Cimarron has released their master engraved Frontier .45LC revolver that comes complete with a leather tooled holster. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. There was a lanyard ring attached to the bottom of the grip frame. Theyre building an educational facility in Fredericksburg to educate our youth about the past history of the Texas Rangers, and it will incorporate a Texas Rangers Museum as well.. I had not run across that information before (as you may deduce, I am not a hard-core professional researcher), so I learned something new today. Cimarron and Pietta do it justice. Cold Shower Face And Body Wipes | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, Video Review: Browning Citori Hunter Grade II Over/Under Shotgun | NRA Family, Video Review: Savage 93 Minimalist Rifle | NRA Family, Video Review: Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 4.5 OSP in 10mm Auto | NRA Family, Make Mine Metal: The Alloy-Frame KelTec P15 | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Preview: Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P9 M2.0 Competitor | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, NRA Women | New for 2022: 20-Gauge Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus, Preview: Springfield Armory 1911 DS Double-Stack 9 mm Pistol Lineup | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, Find More Great NRA Publications Perfect For Every Interest, Discover Everything That The NRA Has To Offer. With the cylinder out of the frame, bring the hammer back to the full cock position. Today, most Cimarron guns are still made by Uberti for Cimarron and so marked. genre of pistols. Manage Settings People all over the world valued its ease of carry and ease of use over the ballistic advantage of the big .44s. Lightest load Ive seen to date was a 8-mil with a 0.55-grain propellant charge. We chose .357 Magnum and a 7-1/2 inch barrel for our test gun. We reserve the right to correct pricing errors. We can't remember the last time an out of the box handgun came with a trigger pull this good. I still havent shot it yet. 2. Although the earlier Colt Dragoons were held in high regard, they were also four-and-half pounds in weight, making them great from the saddle, but too heavy to carry on the belt. Greate post. Cimarron Texas Ranger Engraved Frontier 45 Long Colt Revolver - Blue/Black, 4.75" Barrel, 6 Rounds, Ivory/Pearl Grips 10 Reviews | 2 Questions & Answers Model: PP410LNTXR . There is a small hammer spring tension screw in the front of the grip frame and we backed this out to where it just touched the spring to lighten the hammer draw as much as practical. It has a 2010 Colt Pattern and has a hot-blued finish. The revolver retained the webbed barrel of previous percussion designs. (6) Cimarron 1875 Outlaw Nickel 45 Long Colt Revolver. FSP can be applied to any gun purchased at Sportsman's Warehouse or online at I will certainly digg Numerous copies in books look just like the Pietta reproduction. Most had 7-1/2 inch round barrels, while a very few late production guns were supplied with 5-3/4 inch barrels. I ordered a Uberti Navy 51 London Navy from Sportsmans Guide when they had their 20% off sale around Christmas. It was easy to carry and easy to shoot. It took the entire world by storm, and took its popular name from that year. Copyright 2023Sportsman's Warehouse. I got one of the Colts .36 cal 1851 Navy reissues back in the early 1980s (I also got an 1860 Army then). Weight: 2.6lbs Mary used this gun as one of her SASS Cowboy Action shooting guns. Gerry used this gun as one of his SASS Cowboy Action shooting guns. And why? Slide the spring loaded ejector rod (located beneath the barrel at about the 5-o'clock position) rearward until it pushes the fired case from the cylinder. PP401MALO2, Cimarron El Malo 2 .45Lc Pw Fs 3.5 in Oct. Birdshead Wal. Manufacturer #: PP411LNBB. This is the gun that swept the nation. The prototype I examined exhibited a surprisingly smooth action and I initially thought the gun had been tuned, but I was assured that was the way it came, straight from the factory. Gun Review: Cimarron Firearms 1851 Navy Laser Engraved .44 Cal. It was called the Colt Navy because of the Naval battle scene engraved on the cylinder which is a depiction of the Second Texas Navy at the Battle of Campeche. Except for general information that applies to all single action revolvers, this instruction manual is nearly worthless to 1875 Outlaw purchasers. Of course, it is unwise to completely trust any safety device. The funds went to CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocates of Bastrop, TX. Former gun slinger, current gun writer. It is one of the most popular pistols used in SASS and other cowboy action shooting sports. COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. The 1875 Outlaw is noticeably heavier than the 7-1/2 inch Colt SAA New Frontier we used for comparison and about the weight of a Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter. A good SA shooter can fire aimed shots about as fast as a person with a DA revolver or an autoloading pistol. CIMARRON GEN. GEORGE S. PATTON ENGRAVED FRONTIER Polished nickel plated finish with laser-engraved pattern similar to the one found on General George S. Patton. Oddly enough, it was the dirks and swords portion that wasremoved in the lastfew years, long after the ban on carrying pistols was eliminated in Texas. Of course, it wasnt just the American military that was interested in the guns. The result is the Outlaw's excellent trigger pull. Type: Revolver Action: Single Action Caliber/Gauge: .45 LC Capacity: 6 Barrel Length: 5.5 Sights: Fixed Finish: Nickel-polished Trigger: Standard SKU: HGN-CIM-PP411LNBB Manufacturer: Cimarron Mfg. After the first 50 rounds, I scrubbed the bore clean with a nylon brush. They are also an inexpensive way to get the look of some of the most historic guns in American history. With a carefully measured 25 grains of powder and the same store-bought .451 balls, I averaged one-inch, five-round groups at 25 yards from a rest. It was also reliable, then and now. With a little practice and experience it becomes almost automatic. (The bolt locks the cylinder in place). Provides two professional field strip & cleanings per year. I lightly lube my lead balls, but dont patch them or lube the octagonal barrel. (No reviews yet) Write a Review. Manufacturer: Cimarron Firearms Model: Teddy Roosevelt Laser Engraved Frontier SKU: PP415LNTRII Caliber: .45 Long Colt Capacity: 6 Rounds Barrel Length: 7.5" Frame: Steel Finish: Polished Nickel Plated, Laser Engraved Grips: Polymer Ivory, Engraved with the Initials "TR" Overall Length: 13.10" Sights: Fixed Particularly the frame. After about 20 rounds through the gun, I started having a few failures to fire as the nipples became fouled by the powder. But in this case, it was the fledgling nation of Texas that took the first large orders of the Colt Navy. But to whom? This one is for you. All firearms MUST be picked up by the BUYER (ACTUAL PURCHASER) at your selected Sportsman's Warehouse store or chosen Independent Firearm Dealer (FFL). This model is particularly fancy, with laserengraving throughout the entire gun as well as a silver plated frame piece. I relied heavily on several books for this review. Still, thats a pretty big qualifier if you were to compare it to cartridge firearms. Accuracy * * * * * We reserve the right to correct pricing errors. I can find numerous historical examples of original guns that looked and functioned just like this one. Check the companion article on the Member Side Product Reviews page, which will include a full range report and shooter comments. The Cylinder and Barrel were made of Steel. Paired with the rifles inscription, we can logically surmise they represent seven dispatched bad guys, but that is only an assumption. This piece of dutifully replicated history is available from Cimarron firearms for $973.70. A valid U.S. and/or state government-issued identification document, or combination of government-issued documents, which reflect the buyer's current residential address, must be presented at the selected store location prior to the completion of any firearm-related paperwork and background check initiation. It is probably about twice the width of a Colt SAA trigger. Cimarron Firearms Frontier 45 (Long) Colt 4.75in Steel Engraved Revolver - 6 Rounds - Cimarron introduces Piettas affordable and obtainable deep laser engraved revolvers. Lower the hammer to the frame. And why it was so carefully preserved and hidden for all these years remains a mystery, one that will probably never be solved. The modernGucci GLOCKs have nothing on the selection of adornments available from the Colt factory in the early Navys. There are very few companies Id count on to reproduce something worthy of that legacy. This helps the Outlaw feel good in the hand. This unique Western replica introduced by Cimarron Firearms was made famous in the 2007 remake of the classic . This is a deep notch and it holds the hammer about 3/16 inch from the frame, far enough for the firing pin to be well clear of a cartridge in the chamber. Please be sure to include your original order number and relevant contact information. Returns must be charged back to the original credit card used in the purchase. The pistol pictured above is a hand engraved Cimarron Model P Single Action Army, made by Uberti, in 357 Magnum. Please try again later. This Smokewagon is in a brace with the nickel plated smokewagon listed above. page. Its no secret that Cimarron Firearms Company is located in Fredericksburg, Texas, a fact easily confirmed by head honcho Mike Harveys friendly, down home accent. The Sportsmans is offering a Uberti Reproduction Model 1847 Colt Walker .44-caliber Plack Powder for $386.99 Member Price or $429.99 Non-Member Price. Pictures may not exactly represent this item. Most enlisted men that were issued a pistol were issued the single shot Tower smoothbore percussion pistol. Continue with Recommended Cookies, Cimarron 1875 Outlaw (Remington 1875 Replica) .357 Mag. During its original production, there were a few different standard engravings to be had on the frame and barrel. As it is thumbed back from its resting position against the frame, the first hammer notch is the quarter-cock "safety" position. Also like the originals, there were a few times when the caps became slightly dislodged, making the action stick. It would not be the last time Colt would make good on the friendships he developed with Texas. Purchase Now Cimarron PPP357N Pistolero .38 SPL/.357 FS 4.75" Nickel Walnut Revolver 5 Reviews $609 31 In Stock Purchase Now Manufacturer: Pietta

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