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This southern staple often made an appearance throughout Carter's presidency and was even served to important visitors to the White House. Unfortunately, this dish didn't bring the best luck to Johnson, who had one of the worst presidencies in history, according to the Miller Center. Although sauerkraut is now hailed as a superfood, Lancaster History notes that the rest of Buchanan's diet wasn't too healthy, so he still suffered from health problems such as gout. He liked to top them with Tabasco sauce for a spicy, crunchy treat. The 26-year-old Ford cavorted in the snow with Brown as part of a layout on winter vacationing. The Great American Bagel. A dinner hosted one year by the Officer's Club on the. He also frequently drank whiskey, wine, and port. quote: The program's all-time assists leader, White's four Although food wasn't "much of a priority" for the couple while Bush was president, it was well-known that they enjoyed Tex-Mex food when they could get it (via Food Timeline). 1, was known for being a generous host at his homeinMount Vernon. The Guardian estimated it at upwards of 2,300, but Dubya's chef did say of her boss, "He watches his portion control!". From cheeseburger pizza to custard pie, these are some of thefavorite meals ofUS presidents. One of Taft's favorite foods was steak, which he would often eat for breakfast, according to The Washington Post. When tabloids accused Britney Spears of eating squirrels while growing up, the, says they meant to demean her rather than to paint her as an Andrew Zimmern-style adventure eater. So much so, that the Hoovers' cook Mary Rattley created a recipe for caramel tomatoes that was a hit with the first family. From cheeseburger pizza to custard pie, these are some of thefavorite meals ofUS presidents. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library describes JFK as a "small eater," but when he did remember to eat, he seems to have been a meat and potatoes man. Barack Obama wasn't shy about his love for nachos. Johnson was born in North Carolina and later moved to Tennessee, where he became a tailor. That's certainly a character trait we can get behind. Haller may have been good enough to make the haute cuisine necessary for formal occasions, but when you want smoked ribs done right, it's best to stick with a true pit master. He's said to have preferred it with white gravy, too, as that's the way his mother used to make it. Monroe also had a taste for French cuisine, which he likely picked up during his time as the U.S. Minister to France (via The History Chef). ," we learn that the president was even known to eat an entire chicken in one meal. Dwight Eisenhower may have been a military hero prior to his presidency, but one lesser-known fact about him is that he also liked to cook. (Not Millard himself, though, or he would not have qualified for the presidency.) When no one sent the elevator back down, Ford decided to take the stairs. William Henry Harrison was born in Virginia and served as the ninth president of the United States for only 31 days before he died of pneumonia (via The White House). Bush instead. Bill Clinton did go jogging to get some exercise, but oftentimes his feet would find their way straight to McDonald's. He had seven children with his first wife, Letitia, and another seven with his second wife, Julia. There's only one thing that can curb the president's passion for ice cream, and that's his devotion to his Catholic faith since he's been known togive the treat up for Lent. George H.W. One of the highlights seems to have been "an old-fashioned English Christmas" complete with "mummers and morris dancers and the boar's head crowned with holly." Still, Taylor would probably have been better off if he'd skipped the fruit and stuck to his favorite dessert instead. However, that wasn't the only thing that had people raising their eyebrows. previous 1 2 next . According to Ancestry, Roosevelt also liked gravy and would often pour it over his fried chicken, which is how his mother reportedly prepared it. Bush Barbara Bushs Chocolate Chip Cookies Bill Clinton Chocolate Chip Cookies George W. Bush - Apple Cider Creme Brulee Barack Obama Crustless Coconut Pie William Howard Taft was born in Ohio in 1857, studied law at Yale, and served as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (via The White House). Sure, that stop did happen to be at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream in Columbus, Ohio, but Biden has long been a fan of Jeni's. Its rare that former presidents accept acting roles on primetime soaps, even when playing themselves. While George W. Bush, unlike his predecessor, wasn't known for frequenting fast food chains, he did enjoy homemade (or rather, White House chef-made) versions of what's typically considered junk food, with his favorite being cheeseburger pizza. Although John Tyler lived simply, he loved food. January 4, 2023. As the president to pardon Nixon for his scandal, he seemed to have also forgave him for his offensive choice of food. Henry Haller, speaking with Gerald R. Ford Foundation in 2010, had nothing but nice things to say about the organization's eponym, although he did note that Ford presided over The White House at a rather difficult time. Jackson also had a fondness for lamb with rosemary, oysters, rabbit, duck, and fine French wines. The calorie total? Back came two from the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mrs. Fords hometown. There's something squirrely going on here. He also reportedly enjoys eating healthy and noshes on plenty of vegetables every day. He particularly loved sauerkraut, which is made from fermented cabbage. Hoecakes are a type of cornmeal pancake that was popular among many southern states in the 18th century. ," may have been a favorite dish of Millard Fillmore's due to the fact that it originated in the North of England, as did the Fillmore line. Tyler, who was born in Virginia, served as the 10th president of the United States from 1841 to 1845 (via The White House). The future President legally changed his name to Gerald Ford in 1935. He was also fond of Jelly Belly jelly beans. James Madison was a small man with big ideas. Back in the 1840s, though, a squirrel was a dish fit for a president and for his constituents, too. It rates 18 different mentions in his diary,and among Hayes' favorite recipes were ones for cornbread, corn fritters, and corn soup. The president also liked many kinds of seafood, as well as steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, and baked beans. A few presidents even enjoyed such dubious-sounding delights(?) Bush, developed a taste for Tex-Mex cuisine while living in Texas. According to a 2014 New York Times article, the former president hasn't been strictly vegan ever since his doctor advised him that lean protein is necessary in order to be adequately nourished while maintaining a healthy weight. While we're skeptical of the source, grilled cheese seems like something that even a lousy cook could manage not to screw up too badly. He was known for his love of fruit, which was unusual for the time (via Food Timeline). According to the biography "Theodore Rex," Roosevelt was very fond of fried chicken. Chester Arthur had the unique distinction of sharing his favorite food with his signature look. A dinner hosted one year by the Officer's Club on the Marine base at Twentynine Palms, California featured presidential favorites, but the one listed for Franklin Pierce may have raised a few eyebrows: fannie daddies, a dish with a name that sounds like a naughty joke from a Victorian novel. The future President legally changed his name to Gerald Ford in The funny thing is, according to the Biloxi Sun-Herald article reprinted in. One of Wilson's favorite foods was chicken salad made with chopped chicken, mayonnaise, and diced vegetables. 1:28. ," his housekeeper Elizabeth Jaffray remarks that even after adopting this diet, "somehow he really didn't take off any great amount of weight." As ahero for many in theRepublican party, President RonaldReagan's economic policieshas been debated for decades. Ling P. Quan, a chef who'd worked in The White House during the Harding administration, stayed on to work for the Coolidges, as well. At these stealthy soirees, Harding would always feed his friends the same meal: knockwurst with sauerkraut. A poor economy meant steep budget cuts, while at the same the nation's Bicentennial needed to be celebrated in style with lobster and medallions of veal. While Donald Trump got a lot of flak during his presidency for his fondness for fast food, he did have an explanation for this. Gerald Ford shows off his English muffin-making skills in 1974. The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Librarycites Nesbitt as saying that the president's favorite foods were fish chowder, fruit cake, hot dogs, scrambled eggs, and grilled cheese sandwiches. "I eat more ice cream than three other people you'd like to be with, all at once." As apple orchards began to pop up across the country, hard cider became a staple and was even used as payment for some workers (via Washington State University). It seems he may have preferred plain home cooking to fancy chef creations. As he told the Gerald R. Ford Foundation in 2010, the Johnsons brought a cook known as the Barbecue King all the way from Texas to prepare some of the president's favorite meals. Warren G. Harding presided over the nation during Prohibition, so his dinners of state were as booze-free as those of Rutherford B. Hayes. President Fords favorite meals include pot roast and red cabbage. Mrs. Coolidge, he said, was a big fan of his veal curry, but the president had more of a sweet tooth. The idea was floated, but Reagan was ultimately unwilling to cede so much influence to Ford. Too bad he and James Buchanan never got to know each other, but as. This could have been fitting for the many gatherings he held during his election campaign and his short time at the White House. As one-time White House chef Franois Rysavy revealed in a book of the same name, Harrison, like the anonymous carolers of the song, was a big fig pudding fan. Ford, a dog lover, adopted a golden retriever the family named Liberty after he had already taken office. says that pot roast and red cabbage was one of the president's favorites, even if Haller remembers the dish as being pork chops and red cabbage, instead. Not one, but two presidents claim to have squirrel as a favorite dish. Alcohol was back in the White House by the time James Garfield took office. One, fancy-sounding dish he's known to have served as tenderloin with jezebel sauce. So much so, that the Hoovers' cook Mary Rattley created a recipe for caramel tomatoes that was a hit with the first family. Truman, a Missouri native, was especially fond of one of his home state's products: sorghum, a molasses-like syrup that he would drizzle over cornbread. Former president Gerald Ford (1913-2006) had the unenviable task of following a disgraced Richard Nixon, the first man to resign from the presidency, in the wake of the Watergate scandal. This ice cream is French vanilla in two senses of the term for one thing, it's made with eggs, but for another, the recipe may have come from Jefferson's French butler. Squirrel soup is typically made with squirrel meat, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, and spices like thyme and pepper. Patterson's version. Both women were charged with attempted murder and stood trial. William McKinley had a favorite dish that really doesn't sound appetizing at all red flannel hash. The hoecakes were fried and served with copious amounts of honey, which was exactly how Washington liked them. Before Martin Van Buren was president, he traveled to England accompanied by Washington Irving. Fortunately for everyone elected as president, one major perk of the job is access to a private chef. When asked to, , though, the one Clinton came up with was chicken enchiladas. Lyndon B. Johnson was a pretty picky eater, something that may have caused a bit of frustration for Henry Haller, a White House chef who'd come from Switzerland. Nixon, who resigned rather than face impeachment, could have been up on federal criminal charges. Had it been up to two different women, Ford wouldnt have lived to the ripe age of 93. During an interview withTime magazine in 1988, George H. W. Bush mentioned one of his favorite foods was pork rinds with Tabasco sauce. Moore was able to fire, though the bullet didnt land anywhere near Ford. Federalist senator Manasseh Cutler even wrote about eating "a pie called macaroni" at the President's House in 1802. James Monroe was yet another Virginia-born president, and it's to him or rather, to his cook that we may owe the Southern specialty known as. His actual tastes may have run more to something plainer and more savory, though. As per The President's Cookbook, he would eat this dish accompanied by macaroni to help offset some of its richness. In 1976, Gerald Ford was running for a second term as president against Jimmy Carter. He tipped the scales at 332 pounds, and you don't sustain a robust physique like that by nibbling on lettuce leaves. Eisenhower nicknamed the dessert "Million Dollar Fudge," undoubtedly because that's what he thought it was worth. After doing her business on the south lawn, she and Ford tried to get back inside. Who could be surprised that as a military man, President Dwight D. Eisenhower had a sweet side. While a first family cannot live on lemonade alone, Hayes was also pretty fond of corn. In the lead-up to the 1956 election, The President's Kitchen Cabinet tells us that Ike made his stew recipe available to his supporters. His daughter Amy praised one particular dish that Carter would make for the family, saying, "Daddy makes grits for breakfast, then breaks a couple of eggs into it and adds some cheese, and it's yummy. Adams, however, wanted to make it more accessible and so was responsible for planting various fruit trees at the White House during his time in office. The funny thing is, according to the Biloxi Sun-Herald article reprinted in The Food Dictator,there's no written record of a sauce by this name prior to the 1950s. As, at a campaign stop in 2016, "My name is Joe Biden and I love ice cream." In 1925, he spoke with a newspaper called the Daily Evening Item and dished on the first family's favorite foods. Thomas Jefferson was not only a founding father but apparently a founding foodie. He probably didn't eat a great deal of it, though, since at 5' 4 and 100 pounds, he was the smallest of our presidents, notes Statista. Other foods he often eats include meatloaf, bacon and eggs, cereal, steak, cookies, and potato chips. there's a recipe he wrote out himself for a French vanilla version. Thomas Jefferson was not only a founding father but apparently a founding foodie. It rates 18 different mentions in. According to KARK, Mamie Eisenhower, the president's wife, used to make fudge that was so good, her husband submitted it as a recipe for a cookbook compiled by the Women's National Press Club in 1955. Among the more innocuous facts on file about Richard Nixon is his habit of lunching on cottage cheese. A, article written a month prior to the 39th president's inauguration says he was really into dairy products of all kinds: milk, buttermilk, butter, and especially cheese. Squirrel meat, rather than being treated as a scarce delicacy these days, is instead looked down upon. Ford recalled their conversation as superficial. His birth-father handed him $25 and disappeared. (Calling a breeder in Minneapolis, the White House photographer and friend of Fords, David Kennerly, told the kennels owner he was acting on behalf of a middle-aged couple that live in a white house with a big yard.) One night, the trainer was absent, and Liberty approached Ford at 3 a.m. to be let out. So, what was Cleveland eating when he occupied/didn't occupy/re-occupied The White House? While Johnson was not one of the presidents he cooked for (these would be Ford, Clinton, and Bush the First), he tells, president's favorite in Johnson's hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. According to theU.S. National Archives, fried chicken was one of Harry Truman's favorite foods. The president dodges alcohol, coffee, and the dough in a slice of pizza, but has been public with his favorites, including Diet Coke, fast food, and cherry-vanilla ice cream. According to, , Tyler pudding wasn't really a pudding, per se, but was nearly identical to the. After some laughter from the crowd, he insisted that he wasn't kidding. Gerald Ford 's favorite breakfast food was English muffins, which according to news reports when he became president, he toasted every morning. According to "Our Capital on the Potomac," the president once asked to trade his gourmet grub for the corned beef and cabbage being served in the servants' hall and later described it as "the best dinner I had eaten in months.". Calas-tous-chauds, which means "hot rice cakes" in Creole, was a favorite of Zachary Taylor. Unlike his presidential predecessor, Gerald Ford had a favorite food that we can surely all get behind: waffles. Gerald Ford: Pot roast Ford would follow his classic American dinner of choice with butter pecan ice cream. This last-named ingredient is common to all Hoppin' John recipes and is also what makes the dish a popular good-luck food on New Year's Day. In 1925, he spoke with a newspaper called the. Gerald Ford, in full Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr., original name Leslie Lynch King, Jr., (born July 14, 1913, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.died December 26, 2006, Rancho Mirage, Turtle, like squirrels, is another 19th-century favorite that has fallen out of favor, although for entirely different reasons. Rice pudding was a popular dessert in the 19th century, and Grant enjoyed it often. His other tastes, however, were not extravagant: sometimes he would only have a handful of crackers and a glass of water for dinner. Unlike squirrels, which are still quite prolific, many sea turtles are now so scarce that they fall under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. Doing so was more than a necessity for most of our past leaders, given that almost every president had at least one favorite food.

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