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He also said evidence on Sarahs body indicated she was shot at very close range. In a letter written to the judge overseeing the case, Said said he was not happy with his kids' "dating activity" but denied killing his daughters. Im dying, Sarah said in the recording. "Because I believed behind this coverage there was a secret agenda. "I do not have first-hand knowledge of what an honor killing is. Said disappeared simultaneously with the girls' murders and eluded police and the FBI for 12 years before he was finally captured. Prosecutors said Said was angry the girls were dating out of their culture and that they had recently ran away to be with their boyfriends. You are a prisoner and a murderer and the devil.. He said the investigation of the crime was weak and the real killer was not identified. The sisters had become "very scared for their lives," and the decision to leave was made after Said "put a gun to Amina's head and threatened to kill her," the prosecutor said. Owens has testified that Yaser Said had threatened Amina with a gun. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. The defense team claims that Said was targeted due to anti-Muslim bias. She said she urged Amina to return home on the day of the murders even though the teen said she feared for her life. He told jurors he was not with the girls when they died and someone else is to blame. Yaser Abdel Said ( Arabic: ; born January 27, 1957) is an Egyptian-American former taxi driver and convicted murderer. Patrica Owens, Yaser Said's ex-wife, testified before the jury Thursday morning and said why she fled her home with her daughters only to return days before they were killed. A boyfriend was not permissible under his rules. While she left Said several times throughout their marriage, Owens said she always returned out of fear. "Yes," Owens responded. And I feel the media was against me in a certain direction, that I would not get a fair trial," Said said. The prosecution is expected to call more than 40 witnesses to the stand over the course of the trial. "He will kill us," Amina wrote. @NBCDFW, Prosecutors asked Owens if she had any idea what might have happened to her daughters when they left to eat with their father and she said, Part of me did. Patricia Owens' face grew red and her lips pursed as she pointed to the man accused of killing her two daughters. Owens said on the day her daughter returned Yaser appeared happy and he kissed her on the forehead and shed a tear. Black said Sarah Said was shot nine times and Amina Said was shot twice. He said he fled the taxi he was driving that evening because he thought they were being followed and someone wanted to kill him. Ms Owens testified that she left Mr Said multiple times but that fear forced her back. One such time was when the abuse allegations were revealed in 1998. The mother and daughters returned to Texas to finish their schooling on the promise that Said would leave the family home. She was soft-spoken on the witness stand, but her message about how she felt about her ex-husband was loud and clear when referring to him as the "devil. By the end of the day it was decided it would be best to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma, a bigger city close to a collage for Amina. "When they had more independence, that was less control for him," Black said. Day two of testimony ended with a former crime scene investigator who wheeled in a cart full of evidence including the bullet-riddled cab seats, shell casings and projectiles found throughout the car and photographs showing a shell casing found on Aminas shoulder. The prosecutor said the sisters had become very scared for their lives, and decided to leave after their father put a gun to Aminas head and threatened to kill her.. Said, who has pled not guilty to capital murder charges, at times turned to one of the defense team and talking even as the chilling call played. After the 2008 killing, Patricia Owens, Yaser Said's former wife, told FBI agents that Yassein Said made statements to her indicating he had little remorse for the victims, but indicated. The girls' aunt, Connie Moggio, broke down on the stand as she identified autopsy photos of her nieces. It is wrong for the government to generalize an entire culture, criminalize an entire culture, to fit their narrative, and to fit their objective, Patton said on Tuesday. The last time was fatal. On Monday, Said told jurors that he did not kill his daughters. Texas father Yaser Said stands accused of shooting and killing his daughters in his taxi, in what has been reported as an honour killing. Yaser Said was convicted of capital murder Tuesday in the 2008 fatal shootings of his two teenage daughters, 18-year-old Amina Said and 17-year-old Sarah Said. Send it to The Daily Beasthere. She was soft-spoken on the witness stand, but her message about how she felt about her ex-husband was loud and clear when referring to him as the "devil.". If convicted of capital murder, he would automatically be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Im dying, yelled a frantic woman identified as Sarah. She set off for Garland, Texas, saying that she filed a second police report after facing threats of harm from her then-husband and his brother if they didnt come back. Since then, the Said familys been through hell with Yaser murdering his daughters and fleeing. The death penalty is not an option in Yaser Said's case. Breaking down several times on the stand, Owens testified that her daughters, Sarah and Amina, told her in 1998 that Said had touched them. "She didn't want to go back home, she would rather be dead than ever go back there," Moggio testified. Im dying! Ferez-vous la mme chose. Therefore, despite certain statements and beliefs that Patricia might have lured her daughters to their deaths, one cannot deny how heartbroken the mother has been over her losses. According to Patricia, she didnt marry Yaser out of love. Patricia Owens, the mother of 18-year-old Amina Said and 17-year-old Sarah Said, takes the stand on the third day of trial of her ex-husband Yaser Said at the Frank Crowley Courts Building in Dallas on Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022, Yaser Said, 65, looks behind him during his first day on trial at the Frank Crowley Courts Building in Dallas, on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022. Said, who was arrested in August 2020 after more than a decade on the lam, has maintained his innocence and his lawyer has argued that he is being targeted by law enforcement for being Muslim in a post-Sept. 11 world. The sisters had become "very scared for their lives," and the decision to leave was made after Said "put a gun to Amina's head and threatened to kill her," the prosecutor said. Owens said that on Christmas Day, after Said went to work, she and her daughters escaped to Oklahoma with their clothes in trash bags. The next day, however, Said reported them missing to the Lewisville Police Departmentforcing Owens to call an officer to insist she was alive and well but was fearful of her husband. Said disappeared and had not been seen for 12 years until his arrest in Justin by the FBI in August 2020. On Wednesday, the prosecution played the 911 call allegedly made by Sarah on the night of her death. Jurors also saw the orange taxi cab where she and her 18-year-old sister, Amina, were found shot to death. Black said the sisters, both high school students in Lewisville, dreamed of becoming doctors, and that Yaser Said grew "angrier" as they grew up and became more educated and independent. Police have described the murders as "honor killings.". Their father is on trial for the murders. During a conversation Patricia stated if she took her daughters back to Texas Yaser would definitely kill them. FBI agent Daniel Gimenez, who led the federal governments effort to track down Said, took the stand Friday afternoon. Texas father accused of fatally shooting his daughters. Before she died, Sarah was able to call 911 and told the operator, "Help, my dad shot me! "I told them the car is yours. He also told evidence on Sarahs body indicated she was shot at very close range. 2023 FOX Television Stations, North Texas baseball player hit by stray bullet during game, Dallas police dog helped saved officer's life in shootout, chief says, Shocking details revealed during 'Doomsday mom' Lori Vallow's murder trial: Live updates, Dallas retailer Tuesday Morning holding huge going out of business sale, Aerosmith announces Dallas stop on 'Peace Out' farewell tour, American Airlines, Southwest pilots move closer to striking, Hollywood celebrates Willie Nelson with 90th birthday concert, Dallas Stars to face Seattle Kraken in 2nd round of Stanley Cup playoffs, Family of Fort Worth man worried about his safety after he was misidentified as gunman in mass shooting, Band has their equipment trailer stolen after playing show in Fort Worth, Dallas police to release body camera video of shootout that injured officer, K9, Here's a look at all the players the Dallas Cowboys selected in the 2023 NFL Draft. We took him into custody without incident., Reports at 4, 5 @NBCDFW Day 4 of Yaser Said cap murder trial.This Bedford apt maintenance worker is who IDd Said in 2017. The girls, who were both students at Lewisville High School, were reportedly shot multiple times by their father. Jurors were told to pack a bag. Amina knew what could happen to her."] agreed at one point. She said she married him at the age of 15, with the permission of her parents after dating for three weeks and had three children with him over the next three years. The state wants to convict Yaser for being Muslim in 2008," said Patton. Police allege these were honor killings committed by an abusive, controlling and possessive father who was angry his daughters dated outside their culture and had left home recently. As per Patricia, Yasers brother told her, Yaser didnt want to raise whores as daughters. She also noted that one of the brothers said that Patricia was lucky Yaser left the bodies to be found so that the girls could be buried. "Her look was in fear, she didn't look like she wanted to be there," said Amina's boyfriend Edgar Ruiz. "When they had more independence, that was less control for him," Black said. Both are at home recovering. The girls and the friends agreed to allow Patricia to go along. "They were the last people to see Amina and Sarah alive," he said. He said he regrets leaving them alone and denied killing them. Amina and Sarah would eventually return to the Dallas area on New Years Eve, after Owens said that Said and his brother repeatedly called begging her to return. Said, an Egyptian immigrant, is accused of killing his daughters Amina, 18 and Sarah, 17, because they were "too American." His wife, Patricia Owens, previously told Fox News that Said had. The girls' bodies were found in their father's taxi cab outside the Omni hotel in Irving, both of them had been shot multiple times. Im dying, yelled a frantic woman identified as Sarah. WARNING: THE CONTENT OF THIS VIDEO MAY BE DISTURBING. He pleaded not guilty to the charge of capital murder. Amina and Sarah Said were murdered by their father Yaser Abdul Said an Egyptian immigrant on January 1st 2008. A Fort Worth man and his family say they are terrified and angry after the FBI originally posted his photo and identified him as the suspected shooter that killed five people near Houston Friday night. Prosecutors allege that Said eventually lured his daughters into his taxi, where Amina was sitting in the front passenger seat and Sarah was in the back. Both men were charged with harboring a known fugitive and are now serving time in federal prison. The shocking accusation against Yaser Said came during testimony by his ex-wife, Patricia Owen, in Dallas County Court on Thursday during his capital murder trial. They moved to Oklahoma but later went back to Texas when Mr Said reported them as missing. John Schingle testified the GPS in the taxi cab had been turned off the night before the murders. "Under no way, this is honor killing. Even then, Amina refused to go back to the house, fearful of the repercussions. Defense lawyers unsuccessfully tried to limit the scope of cross-examination. Defense attorney Joseph Patton said in opening statements that the evidence would not support a conviction, that police were too quick to focus on Said, who was born in Egypt, and suggested that anti-Muslim sentiment played into that focus. On Thursday, the mother of Amina and Sarah Said took the stand. Sarah's boyfriend testified about why she kept their relationship a secret. Patricia Owens called her ex-husband Yaser Said the "devil" for allegedly murdering their two daughters at his trial in Dallas on Aug. 4, 2022. When asked to identify her ex-husband in court, Owens raised her arm, pointed at Said and said, That devil there. She told jurors she and her husband had not spoken since the night their daughters were killed. She could have returned her daughters back to their father so the murders could take place as planned. I could see a young lady who had her eyes fixed open and there was stuff coming out of her nose, said Watson. Yaser had plans for the girls to marry in an arranged marriage. A member of the defence team claimed during opening arguments that Mr Said had been targeted for being Muslim, adding that all the 911 calls reveal is that Sarah was in extreme trauma. Amina's boyfriend testified he and his father indeed saw Said and both girls in his cab shortly before the shooting and that they briefly followed them out of concern. About a week before the sisters were killed, they and their mother fled their home in Lewisville to Oklahoma to get away from their dad, who worked as a taxi driver, Black said. According to law enforcement, he shot the girls to. Ms Owens said during the third day of testimony in the trial that Mr Said would insist on deciding on where they would live and who they would speak to. Whether the girls were victims of an honor killing for allegedly bringing dishonor to their family has been widely speculated by loved ones and media since their murder in 2008.

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